How to create a funnel

Our app helps create your first funnel. This funnel based on your best sold product.

Here is a short guide how to create your first recommended funnel: 

1. Press button "Create new offer"

2. Then setup max sale for your products 
3. And don't forget to press button "Save and Go" 

If you press button "Skip for now" 

You go to the dashboard
Here is a short guide how to create your first funnel in dashboard:
1. Press button "Create new offer"

2. Follow steps 1-3 filling out the necessary details:

Step #1: give it a private title and choose where to propose your funnel

Step #2: create funnel (for each type of funnel) 

Name it: (This title will be shown to your customers!)
Add a description (optional): Note: This field is optional. If you wish to be concise, simply remove the checkmark to hide the text entered in the field

Choose one product and add a discount (if any):

Also, you can choose Autopilot and you will be shown products based on your best-sold product.

Check/uncheck additional settings in "Offer options"

Next, you can add another popup that will replace either accepted or declined offer (set another funnel):

Finally, you can create A/B test 

Step #4: Funnel rules

If you decide to add one more funnel, then all the options beginning from the second step "Give it a name" will re-appear again for the new funnel.

NOTE: There are no limits to the number of funnels you can create. But on the storefront, customers can add no more than two products.

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