What is a Frequently Bought Together?

Definition: The Frequently Bought Together widget is populated with products that are more often browsed and purchased by other customers. The aim is to push customers to add more items to their carts.

How it works: The initial sell is buying several items that would naturally complement each other in one go. Psychologically, it works by masking how much the customer spends on an individual product, lowering the barrier to a bigger purchase.

Case study: Sunscreen and sand toys are offered with flip-flops or a towel. This is a great example of how a bundle can prove really successful – but the idea can apply to all sorts of products. It's also an excellent way to shift slow-to-clear stock items: rather than marking them down, try including them as part of a bundle with other products, and you could see a healthier margin.

How to create FBT?

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