What is a Pre-Order?

Sell products even when they’re ‘Out of stock’

Pre-Order makes it easy to automatically replace the default "Out of Stock" button with an inviting "Pre-Order" button, so merchants can buy your products even when they’re out of stock. As a result, you offer a better customer experience and sell more products.

Pre-Sell products for coming soon products

Pre - Order is perfect for coming soon products. You can pre-sell your product and generate funding for your project.

Stop losing money to ‘Out of stock’ and ‘Launching soon’

Your customers like to place pre-orders for their favorite products that are out of stock or not yet released. They do not like those unlickable out-of-stock buttons. Create hype around new product launches by offering them available for pre-order. Allow your customers to buy products before they become available, and increase your average order value by removing the friction of out of stock products.

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