Offer design and translations

To create a new design, please follow these steps:

Click on the "Customize" button when you create/edit your offer:

In the setting, you will have few tabs: Design, Translation.

In the "Design" tab, you can choose theme and customize it according to your website vibe. You can set up:

Widget width: Container, full

Themes: Choose design which more relevant to your store

Wallpaper: Add wallpapers on the background of your offer 

TimerCustomize timer according to your website vibe

Main sectionCustomize main section and title according to your website vibe

Bottom sectionCustomize bottom section and button according to your website vibe

Custom CSSIf you still wish to style the design of your Offer using CSS, you are free to enter your code here:

In the "Translation" tab, you can enter custom text in any language for the following sections

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