How to measure your performance

The line graph shows trends in data over time (also known as time series data).

The vertical y-axis of the line graph shows the number of views, cart, purchases, amount of revenue while the horizontal x-axis shows the time periods: 4 previous months and generalized data of the previous year (if available). 

Check the drop-down on the right as here you can have each of the topics (Popup Views, Added to Cart, Conversion, Conversion Rate, Revenue) to be displayed in a line chart: 

3. Circle Charts based on preliminary results for all orders. You can choose the necessary indicator on the right side of the screen using a drop-down menu. 

  • Popup Views: total number of times when the offers were displayed to clients;
  • Added to Cart: total number of times an item from all these offers was added to cart;
  • Conversion: the number of times item from the offers was purchased;
  • Conversion Rate: the number of "Conversions" divided by the total number of "Popup views".
  • Revenue: the amount of money generated from top offers;

The colors (blue, green, red, yellow, orange, grey) define a specific offer. Colors are assigned automatically and cannot be customized in this version of the App. 

To see the number scored by each of the offers separately, you need to hover over the corresponding section:

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