How to create bots?

How to create bots? 

For creating your bot, click on the tab “Create Bot” or button “Create Bot”

Give a name to your highlight to find it easily further and click “Next” button

Set up trigger products

Put a checkmark if all selected products should be added to the cart in order to activate bot. If the box is not checked, then bot will be activated when at least one selected item is added to cart

Add options

Turn on Float Popups to notify your customers

Choose position for popups

Customize your popup: change text, color and timeout and click “Next” button

To add products which will be automatically added to cart, click on button “Add/Edit Products”

Select products from list and click on “Continue with selected products” button

After adding products, you can change the quantity that will be added to the cart, add a discount to these products, the discounted price will be displayed in the Bot Price column. Also you can delete products or add new to the list.

Do not forget to save bot, clicking on “Save” button

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